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Friends of Gowerton Woodlands & Open Spaces


We are a Group formed in January 2015 to promote and protect the open spaces and wooded areas which are used by the Gowerton Community. 
 We meet regularly in working parties to maintain access paths and clear undergrowth and broken branches etc. or even just to clear litter to just ensure a more pleasant environment for people to enjoy.

More volunteers are always welcome! Please join us when you can.


Gowerton, on the edge of the Gower Peninsular is blessed with areas of natural woodland and open spaces. Some of these woodlands, like the Alltwen Woods and Fairwood/Afon Llan Woodlands, have clearly marked Rights of Way, but others, like the Shaw Woodland and the Cefn Gorwydd, although used by local people for centuries, do not. Unlike the school playing fields, sports fields, playground areas and the Rights of Way, which are regularly maintained by the City and County of Swansea and private landowners, other green areas are not. In 2014, the Local Development Plan designated some of these areas for housing development.

The sad demise and neglect of the once pleasant areas showed in the loss of paths to bramble and weeds and overgrowth of branches that blocked and darkened  areas, spoiling growth of trees and flowers

The Friends of Gowerton Woodlands and Open Spaces came together to ensure that the open areas around Gowerton were maintained, nurtured and preserved for the Community. Increasingly, financial pressures on the City & County of Swansea and private landowners have  made it difficult in the past few years to adequately maintain some of the woodland paths within the Gowerton area, that have been used for centuries by the local people.

Please note that the trees and any cut wood is the property of the City & County of Swansea and removal or cutting of trees by unlicensed chainsaws or hand saws is  a criminal offence.

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